We Help Thriving Companies HIRE and TRAIN A+ Teams.

Yulink Services offers comprehensive recruitment and customized training solutions to companies.

Our dedicated team specializes in finding the right talent for your organization and provides tailored training solutions that can enhance your workforce’s skills.

We believe that the right team is essential for business growth and success.

About us

Our goal is to help organizations scale easily by building skilled teams.

Yulink Services is a registered sole proprietorship offering comprehensive recruitment solutions and customized training solutions to companies, with our dedicated team of professionals, we specialize in finding the right talent for your organization through our recruitment services.

We believe that the key to any successful organization is its people, and we strive to provide you with the best resources to meet your talent acquisition and training needs. 

We at Yulink Services are your one-stop shop for recruitment and training services, with dedicated professionals, customized solutions, and a firm commitment to excellence.


Our mission is to help thriving companies hire and train  A+ teams so they can better cope with the changes resulting from the pandemic.


To be the leading provider of recruitment & training solutions that empower companies to build and cultivate high-performing teams & enable them to thrive amidst constant changes.


How Yulink Services Started

Yulink Services began its journey as a sole headhunter, led by Ms. Marj, to meet the growing demands of clients and provide assistance to a larger number of Filipinos. Yulink Services seized opportunities to expand its team, bringing together a diverse group of professionals who shared the same passion for connecting employers with skilled individuals. 

Today, Yulink Services stands as a thriving organization committed to bridging the gap between job seekers, creating A+ teams, and empowering more Filipinos by facilitating meaningful career opportunities.

The name Yulink comes from the phrase you link, representing the connection between people in their pursuit of meaningful careers.

Whether you’re an employer looking to build an effective team or an applicant seeking a fulfilling position, Yulink Services helps you connect with the right people.

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Hi, I'm Marj!

Marj Bengala is a seasoned HR professional who has been supporting corporations and startups with their recruitment and training needs since 2012. Her extensive experience in HR allows her to identify exceptional candidates and match them with suitable job opportunities.

She takes a personalized approach to each recruitment and training project, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to help companies build outstanding teams.

Marj’s mission is to help businesses by connecting them with top-tier talent, fostering high-performing teams, and driving job creation for Filipinos.


What They Say About Marj

Marj is a very energetic, optimistic and efficient colleague. She knows her capacity and would ask pertinent questions if necessary. Her strengths rely on Recruitment and Administration. She knows how to get future employees and adapts to the existing ones in the organization.

Bruce D. HR Business Partner

I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Marj and I can definitely say that she is a great leader and an optimistic person. She's not only a supervisor but a leader who has the courage to always stand up. She always put her magic and passion in everything she does. I highly recommend Ms. Marj for her expertise in Human Resources.

Geane P. Recruitment Specialist

Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Marj. I had the pleasure of working with Marj for two years at Tabacalera, collaborating on several projects. Marj's ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I've seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of the team. Any employee would be lucky to have Marj as their HR/Manager.

Andreu L. Account Manager
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We craft a personalized proposal to meet your needs. Once agreed upon, clients sign a service agreement to formalize our partnership.

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No Payment is required until we find suitable employees for your organization.

What They Say About Our Trainers

I decided to collaborate with Glenn because of his strong portfolio of work. After reading his tips on Facebook ads, I was conviced that I needed his help with conversions. His strategy made a huge difference to our business and a huge bonus was that he was really hands-on and easy to communicate with. Suffice to say I'm really pleased with his results and I won't hesitate to come back when needed.

Kate V. Owner of Boodigs

I enjoyed it & learned a lot. I gained knowledge that I can use in my work. All the questions that I got in this training were answered by Ms. Mischelle. I hope I can join the training again. Thank you and God Bless.

Miretz I. Training Participant

Glenn is very reliable, hardworking, very knowledgeable and very professional in what he is doing.

Lara F. Owner of Toku Deals
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